Refill your prescriptions.

3 ways to get your prescriptions refilled

1.) Call your store location and give refill numbers to a friendly member of our staff.

Tuscaloosa Drug Capstone at 205-469-9669
Tuscaloosa Drug 5 Points at 205-248-2220
Tuscaloosa Drug North at 205-409-6410

2.) Refill online at
Click on Register at the top of the page and follow directions.

3.) Visit the App store on your iPhone/Android and download the RefillRx Mobile app.
Contact our store if additiional instructions needed

You will need to know the following:

Tuscaloosa Drug Capstone

Zip code: 35406
Last 4 numbers of our phone: 9669

Tuscaloosa Drug 5 Points
Zip Code: 35404 
Last 4 numbers of our phone: 2220

Tuscaloosa Drug North
Zip Code: 35475
Last 4 numbers of our phone: 6410